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I can repair the majority of computer problems remotely and around the world without you needing to bring your PC to my place or a computer store. Physical repairs must evidently be done at my home. I have many years experience in remote support. You can either choose a 1-time repair option or the yearly subscription, that includes unlimited remote support*. My work is guaranteed; if I cannot solve your problem I give you your money back or I don't charge you. The preliminary diagnostic is free and when my work is done, I close the connection. Remote support is valid for personal or business. Fill out the form below if you're interested in a remote session. You must have an Internet connexion of at least 5Mb/s. You can test your speed here: 

Important note: If you have a hardware problem on your computer or laptop (such as a hard drive that is dying or a fan that is not running) and I'm working on your computer remotely, if the computer dies, I do not hold myself responsible for this situation.

If the remote session is only 15 min or less, it's FREE. Price for 1-Time support session

(1 PC Only) : 35$/H for home users and 40$/h for businesses


Home: 200$ if only 1 PC and 300$ for more than 1 up to 3. 100$ for each additionnal PC.

Businesses: 400$ for up to 3 PCs and 500$ for more than 3 up to 5. 100$ for each additional PC. 

Unlimited support*

* Only applies to remote support only, not to in-home repair (rebate applied for in-home repair when buying a subscription)

Here's how to proceed:

To start the procedure, please download this small and 100% secure program here by clicking on this .exe file: 


Here's a link to show you how to download and install files on different browsers:

After that fill out the form below. You will have to give me the Internet ID and password of the program you just downloaded by means of the Contact information form below. I will now have access to your PC. That's it, sit back, relax while I work on your PC. Note: Please do not touch the mouse as I work, unless you want to stop what I'm doing.

Form for remote support

Thank you for entering this form!

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