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Low cost computer and laptop repair for Valleyfield, the surrounding areas and remote support around the world by the Internet

Tel: 450-371-0840

Cell.: 450-567-1769


I can repair the majority of computer problems remotely and around the world without you needing to bring your PC to my place or a computer store. Physical repairs must evidently be done at my home. I have many years experience in remote support. You can either choose a 1-time repair option or the yearly subscription, that includes unlimited remote support*. My work is guaranteed; if I cannot solve your problem I give you your money back or I don't charge you. The preliminary diagnostic is free and when my work is done, I close the connection and it's impossible for me to reconnect to your PC without your consent. Remote support is valid for personal or business. Call me, email me or chat with me by clicking the Chat button on my Home page. (The prices for International are in US dollars).

Note: If you have a hardware problem on your computer or laptop (such as a hard drive that is dying or a fan that is not running) and I'm working on your computer remotely, if the computer dies, I do not hold myself responsible for this situation.

* Only applies to remote support only, not to in-home repair and subscription paid monthly (rebate applied for in-home repair when buying a subscription)


Price for additional PCs: 30$/h each
(If you want to pay by Paypal I will change the amount on the site when ready
or you can also send me a check by mail.)

PRICES FOR A YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION Home: 200$ if only 1 PC and 300$ for more than 1 up to 3. 100$ for each additionnal PC.

Businesses: 300$ for up to 3 PCs and 500$ for more than 3 up to 6. 50$ for each additional PC. 

Unlimited support


1 PC but limited to 5 remote sessions per month. 25$/month for 3 PCs.

Here's how to proceed:

To start the procedure, please download this small and 100% secure program here: Anydesk and click Download. If you are using Internet Explorer, you will see at the bottom of the page a bar appear, you click Run. Now Anydesk will open. You will have to give me the Anydesk address either by phone or email. After that you have to click Authorize to give me access to your PC. That's it, sit back, relax while I work on your PC.

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Tel.450-371-0840 Cell. 450-567-1769

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